MUBA (Tallinn School of Music and Ballet) Planting Design

CLIENT: Riigi Kinnisvara
LOCATION: Pärnu mnt 59, Tallinn
ARCHITECTURE: Thomas Pucher, Marvi Basha (Atelier Thomas Pucher), Markus Kaasik, Helina Lass, Taavi Lõoke, Hanna-Liisa Mõtus, Andres Ojari, Siim Tiisvelt, Pirko Võmma (3+1 Arhitektid)
INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE: Ahti Grünberg, Tõnis Kalve, Kadi Karmann, Mari Põld, Ardo Hiiuväin, Kärt Hollo, Merje Karu (T43 Sisearhitektid), Markus Kaasik, Hanna-Liisa Mõtus (3+1 Arhitektid), Katrin Talvik
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: Markus Kaasik, Helina Lass, Hanna-Liisa Mõtus, Siim Tiisvelt (3+1 Arhitektid)
PLANTING DESIGN: Edgar Kaare, Laura Männamaa (TajuRuum)
CONSTRUCTION: Merko Ehitus Eesti

PHOTOS: Tõnu Tunnel, Hanna-Liisa Mõtus, Terje Ong

The Annual Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia in Architecture for interior architecture 2022 view gallery
Tallinn School of Music and Ballet claimed several awards at the Estonian Architecture Awards in 2022.

The team at TajuRuum was responsible for the planting design of the project, its centrepiece being a unique and unexpected open space in the middle – a Garden of Silence. The garden features a forest that seems to have grown there on its own. The surprisingly tranquil place allows you to take a break and engage in deeper contemplation right at the heart of the city while being surrounded by a building full of dance, music and life.