Kiikri 6 garden

Maarjavälja green area, 2nd place

Valga LIDL, 2nd place

Erm street, 1st prize

Architect11 office garden

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences Narva College

Patarei Sea Fortress, 2nd-4th place

Vana-Kalamaja 6 and 8 garden

Teemant park

Koidula and Jannsen memorial square

Kääriku Sports Center

Border areas of Mäetaguse manor park

Naerumaa kindergarten

Annelinn pedestrian and bicycle path

Private garden

Annelinn square

Anneke playground

Arnold Matteus square, 1st prize

Kalevi Keskstaadion, 3rd prize

Heart of Narva old town, 2nd prize 

River promenade in front of Atlantis

Tähetorn square and Pirogov stairs, 1st prize

Uueturu park, 2nd prize

Castle Türnich park, special prize

L. Koidula and J.V. Jannsen monument, 1st prize

Annelinna Elavate Majade Galerii

Recovering and landscape renewal of Vyskovice, 1st prize (international)

Academy of Security Sciences new building, 1st prize

Estonian Road Museum seasonal exhibition ANIMALS ON THE ROAD

Viimsi State Gymnasium, special prize

Pärnu Rüütli square

Pärnu Rüütli square

Metek new office, 2nd prize

Rakvere Pikk street, 2nd prize

Passion private garden

Swiss Property factory building

Series of fieldwork assessment sheets MÄRKA LOODUST

Tartu Old Kaubamaja new building

Mural SPORT, 1st prize

Mural PIGEON SHEPHERD, 1st prize