TAJURUUM DESIGNES LANDSCAPES. Our main focus is on public and semi-public space design, like parks, streets, squares and yards, but we also design private gardens, industrial and residential areas. We work from concept design until construction working documents. Every project is a challenge and we keep the range of themes as broad as possible. Our office operates since 2011.  

We work on a daily basis to raise the quality of living through smart solutions. Our strength lies in the cooperation of different specialists, in the involvement of the community and in the synergy that comes from it. We believe in the power of cooperation and the contribution of people. We approach every project with a tailored style - we gather a team to meet the specific challenges, choose suitable working methods and solutions. 

We actively take part in design competitions in order to stay fit and get interesting projects. We stand for the wellbeing of the profession - give lectures at universities, speak and write about landscape architecture and take part in different working groups of the Estonian Landscape Architects' Union. 

Koidula and Jannsen memorial square, site plan, 2017 (TajuRuum OÜ)